Acupuncture has been performed on animals for thousands of years.
More recently acupuncture has been looked to as standard of care for pain management
in both human and animal medicine.

But acupuncture can do so much more!
This modality can balance the immune system, aid in recovery from surgery or trauma,
and help support a critically ill or aging animal.

Dr. Liane Sperlich has been practicing Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine
for over 20 years, and would love to help you with your beloved companion's care.
Please contact her clinic and an appointment can be arranged at
Browns Point Veterinary Clinic or the satellite clinic at Next to Nature, Tacoma.


Please contact a 24 hour Animal Emergency Hospital in your area.
BLUE PEARL: Formerly the Pierce County Animal Emergency Clinic
Tacoma: (253) 203-6444
Renton:(206) 905-4494
SUMMIT Veterinary Referal Center
Tacoma/Lakewood: (253) 983-1114